The Development Process of an Urban Soccer Park

Urban Soccer Park
An Urban Soccer Park field

If you are like the rest of the world, assessing how life has changed and how to operate in the ‘new normal,' you have probably been considering how to adjust and diversify your investment portfolio. If you are reading this, you may be thinking, I wonder if I should install an Urban Soccer Park on my existing real estate. Or, I want to install an Urban Soccer Park but need land to do so.

USP can help you with both. We have experts who can identify ideal land for an array of project sizes and styles. And of course, we have experts who can take the project from blank canvas to community gem!

Is Now the Right Time for Urban Soccer Parks?

To over 4 billion fans worldwide, soccer has proven to be one of the most beloved sports on our planet. However, traditional soccer fields take up a lot of real estate. Developers don’t always have the flexibility to choose a soccer field over something that nets income like residential homes or commercial property would.

Enter Urban Soccer Park

A full-scale field isn’t always an achievable—or desirable—addition to a community. That’s where the inspiration for the mini-pitch design was born. Our fully scalable mini soccer pitches provide a level of access to a long-cherished sport that we haven’t seen here in the U.S. while also providing intrinsic value to individuals, communities, and developers.

Many of you have experience with or currently have dealings within the commercial real estate sector. With the shift toward working from home and away from packed floors of office cubes, you may be thinking to yourself, ‘commercial space is a massive question mark.’ Or, ‘what do I do with my existing space’? Additionally, construction material costs such as lumber, plastic, and steel joists have made margins tighter than ever. So you may play the long game and hold your empty building or plot of land. Or maybe you double down and snap up more commercial property to hold. But what if you want to make an immediate impact in a community while adding value to your property?

With our unique modular design, we can dramatically cut down on construction costs and empower schools, soccer clubs, developers, and entrepreneurs around the country to build the soccer field of their dreams.

What will you do with your space?

If you are in a position to develop real estate, you first must imagine what you can do with the space. Some spaces are oddly sized or shaped, and finding a proper (and valuable) use for them is difficult. Some spaces are old and forgotten. Some vast spaces need to be tied together by a central focus or purpose. Our mini-pitches solve all of these issues by breathing life into unused spaces!

What if there are existing structures or purposes on my land?

Urban Soccer Parks are ideal for under-utilized retail spaces, particularly empty storefronts, courtyards, rooftops, or parking lots. Urban Soccer Parks have revitalized these areas and driven much-needed foot traffic. It’s similar to an ice rink being installed/reopened during the holidays, but even better because USP compels year-round engagement from a wide audience. Our mini-pitches are accessible year-round and are incredibly low-maintenance.

The Process

From finding land, creating a custom design to fit your unique space down to the inch, and constructing your dream park, USP is here to make the process smooth and professional.

For more details on getting started, head here.

As you decide on amenities for your development project, consider something that checks all the boxes when it comes to resident satisfaction, product quality, and frequency of use. Urban Soccer Park is a stunning, professional-grade sports field that attracts a wide demographic, yet requires little overhead and maintenance.

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