Promoting a healthy, vibrant and engaged community is a mission we know you take seriously. But, we are also aware of the challenges associated with making this a reality, given budget limitations and finding activities that are purpose-built to rally an entire community and lift the spirits of each individual. Sports can be an incredible vehicle for positive change, yet the solutions that have traditionally been available on the market require too much real estate, excessive maintenance and oversized funding requirements.

Urban Soccer Park is a solution with a foundation in creating social programs for social good, and is an ideal solution for non-profits who want to build community strength and unity through sport. We’d love to hear more about your planned programs and show you how and why the Urban Soccer Park experience is such a phenomenal fit for your vision.

16 Parks and tournaments in 16 cities across the U.S.
15000 Impacted over 15,000 youth and adult players over 10 years (SSUSA)
  • Fosters incredible level of community interaction
  • Get maximum utilization of limited real estate
  • Affordable, yet highly durable & low maintenance requirements
  • Substantial revenue opportunities through leagues & tournaments (proven model)
  • Create new opportunities for public relations, fundraising & local business partnerships

"By building better athletic fields, we are building better students, better leaders, and a better future."

aerial view of mini soccer park next to a target
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