The USP Difference:

  • A Freestanding and Movable World-Class Facility 
  • Modular, Integrated & Contained
  • Only Company in the World with Turn-Key White Glove Design, Build, and Installation of 5v5 Soccer Parks

The USP Promise:

An on-time installation, a full turnkey buying, and installation process. If our product or service does not exceed your expectations, we will uninstall your field and issue you a full refund, with a smile.

32 Parks and tournaments in 27 cities across the U.S.
15000 Impacted over 15,000 youth and adult players over 10 years (SSUSA)
  • Fosters incredible level of community interaction
  • Get maximum utilization of limited real estate
  • Affordable, yet highly durable & low maintenance requirements
  • Substantial revenue opportunities through leagues & tournaments (proven model)
  • Create new opportunities for public relations, fundraising & local business partnerships

USP is much more than just a soccer field. It’s a welcome meeting place for family and friends. A vibrant hub for both the casual and competitive athlete. It’s a celebration of youth culture and urban talent. Across the nation, USP fields showcase the richness and diversity of our communities, and tap into the vibrant energy of street soccer taking off across the U.S. 

Ask any of our clients, and they’ll tell you how much good a single USP field can do in a neighborhood. There, you will find the organic exchange of life stories and ideas, and a regular stream of people gathering, cheering, and playing together. We’ve seen the impact, and know that sport is a powerful driving force in culture and community. That’s why we’ve intentionally made our product accessible and affordable. USP fields require no foundation or pouring and can be sized to even the most dense urban areas, significantly cutting costs and streamlining construction time. Organizations no longer need to contend with exorbitant budgets or tedious processes. No matter where you live, we’re confident you can transform underutilized space into a commercially viable, lively sports facility, and we’re here to make it happen.  

At USP, all our fields are constructed with long-lasting, top-of-the-line material that meets the highest safety requirements for kids and adults. They’re also designed to engage the whole crew—we give viewers a 360-degree, front-row seat to the action, and offer a myriad of add-ons like snack bars, lounges, conference rooms, lockers, energy efficient night lights, and more, so you can tailor every aspect to your neighborhood and their needs. Together, we aim to provide a safe and fun gathering place that promotes social growth and well-being. The USP field excels when it comes to health benefits, even when compared to other popular sports. 

Studies show participants sustain a greater maximum heart rate playing 5v5 soccer, while perceived exertion is low. Put simply, players are exercising more efficiently, but it doesn’t feel like “work.” Why? Because it’s fun! USP’s small-sided model delivers more touches, more passes, and more goals per player than 11v11 soccer—it’s a load of fun and people get better every time they play. In fact, regular participation has shown to improve self-confidence, decrease anxiety, and boost fitness by 25% to 50% over a 2-to-4 month period. Players also learn important skills like teamwork and communication, and are given the opportunity for creative self expression. It’s a format that top professionals utilize around the world, and yet regardless of age, gender, or skill level, the benefits are tangible and far-reaching. Whether it’s open pickup or a competitive club game, USP is a fantastic way to encourage healthy living and develop long-term engagement. 

At USP, we are dedicated to spreading the gift of soccer as widely as possible. By owning a USP field, you can also take ownership of the vitality and prosperity of your community. Our fully brandable product is a highly desirable, rentable asset, that opens the door to key sponsorships, multiple revenue sources, and consistent year-round programming. Sustainability and efficiency are the pillars of USP, and together we want to help you foster and flaunt the beauty of your community. So give your block a reason to come out of the house and start living their best life today. Join us now to get started.

"By building better athletic fields, we are building better students, better leaders, and a better future."

OGE courts rendering 9.20.18