The USP Difference:

  • A Freestanding and Movable World-Class Facility 
  • Modular, Integrated & Contained
  • Only Company in the World with Turn-Key White Glove Design, Build, and Installation of 5v5 Soccer Parks

The USP Promise:

An on-time installation, a full turnkey buying, and installation process. If our product or service does not exceed your expectations, we will uninstall your field and issue you a full refund, with a smile.

89 89% more use than Tennis Court in same Park
67 67% more use than Basketball Court in same Park
*Margret S. Hayward – Street Soccer USA Court Program – San Francisco
  • Provides maximum utilization of limited real estate
  • Fosters incredible level of community interaction
  • Garners high levels of neighborhood support
  • Creates new revenue opportunities through leagues & local business involvement
  • Ideal setting for community fundraising events & soccer tournaments

Neighborhoods have changed over the years, and residents now more than ever are hungry for ways to connect. They look to leaders like you to provide those all-important community spaces where their children can play and learn, and where locals can meet and have meaningful interactions. The Parks and Recreation Department has long played an essential role in determining the quality of life and supplying the means to a healthy, growing society. That’s why at Urban Soccer Park we are proud to work with cities nationwide to create tailor-made parks that genuinely foster and serve your communities. 

At USP, we help municipalities add value to their land with community focused soccer parks that drive foot traffic and generate long-term engagement. Unlike typical development projects, our fields are compact, contained, and customizable, requiring no pouring or foundation. As a result, we’re able to dramatically cut down on construction time and activate underutilized land within weeks, not years.  

We’re also happy to break down the production process into simple, manageable steps—from finding the right real estate to identifying funding sources to ensuring sustainable revenue—we’re here to deliver something outstanding to your neighborhood. Through our many collaborations, we have been able to transform barren spaces into sleek, professional-grade sports hubs. And with our expertise, we remove the guesswork and help minimize bureaucratic hurdles so you can give your people something they can truly use and appreciate. 

USP parks are both high-quality and low maintenance, but perhaps most impressively they boast a myriad of proven health benefits. This specific format has been shown to significantly boost sports performance amongst competitive athletes, while being addictively fun for recreational players. Small-sided fields, unlike full-sized ones, activate players on a greater mental and physiological level by providing more touches on the ball, more passes, and more goals per player. It’s why the game is both extremely fun and incredibly beneficial for training. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to play on a USP field, but you may very well see a world-class soccer player practicing on one. 

USP fields are also a high-demand rentable asset for youth and adult leagues. These days, so many clubs struggle to find quality, affordable field space, especially in dense urban areas. USP meets this growing demand, while also accommodating more players per square foot than 11v11 fields. With fully brandable walls and a slate of stylish add-ons, our fields open up a whole new source for year-round programming and revenue.

Small-sided soccer is a global phenomenon that is now booming in the U.S. As soccer fanatics ourselves, we are passionate about leading this movement because we know how powerfully it can change social behavior—encouraging exercise, promoting teamwork, and gathering and connecting diverse peoples. Our genuine love of the game and attention to detail permeates everything we do. It’s why our fields are constructed with the highest safety standards for children and adults. We are also mindful to make this affordable and sustainable, with add-ons like energy-efficient LED lights (city compliant of course) so that vendors can make full use of their facility. Most importantly, we create versatile, inclusive spaces the whole community can partake in. Contact us to get started.

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