10 Tips For Playing 5-a-Side Soccer

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10 Tips For Playing 5-a-Side Soccer

There are a lot of different soccer variants, and 5-a-side soccer has proven to be a great experience for many children growing up. 5-a-side soccer pits five players on each side (four outfielders and a goalkeeper) against each other in an enclosed area. Having fun is the most important part of any competition, but if you want to win at the same time, consider these tips to succeed.

Top 10 Tips for 5-a-Side Soccer

1. Find a reliable goalkeeper

A dedicated goalkeeper can make or break a 5-a-side soccer team. When all is said and done, the goalkeeper is the last line of defense from the opposing side.

2. Never drop your defense or offense

At every moment, each team will (or should) have someone attacking and someone defending. This helps prevent the opponent from taking advantage of a too-weak offense or defense.

3. When on defense, stay on your goal

It may appeal to you to stop an attacker close to the opponent's goal, but the last thing you want is for them to get around you to an undefended goalkeeper.

4. Strike down the middle

When gunning for the goal, your best bet is to go through the middle of the pitch. This is because the flanks are a less advantageous position due to the smaller goal size.

5. Pick a good formation for your players

Going in with a solid plan and formation will help keep your team united. Not all formations work for everyone, so make sure you pick one that fits your team's makeup.

6. Learn to adapt

A good formation and strategy is important, but they are not foolproof methods of victory. Things are not always going to go according to plan, and as such, you need to make sure to have a backup, or simply be prepared to meet unorthodox strategies by the opposing side.

7. Pick a versatile team

You are well-advised to pick a good striker and defender, but in the end, everyone needs to have some skill in each for you to truly succeed. There may be a time when someone has to attack and not being prepared will do you in.

8. Keep your passes quick and short

At times, it may seem tempting to clear the distance quickly. However, a major downside of this is how little control you have the farther and longer the ball spends in between you and your teammate. Keep it out of the air and in your control as much as you can.

9. Look for weaknesses in attacks, and counterattack

In a match, one of the most important things to do is find your window of opportunity. This usually means capitalizing on the attacker dropping their guard, or making a mistake, or gambling on their attack. In turn, make sure that you do not let them figure out what you are doing or how.

10. Don't lose focus

Teamwork is important, especially when the situation goes south. When things are going poorly, that is the time when you need to come together most so that you can turn things back around.

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