The USP Difference:

  • A Freestanding and Movable World-Class Facility 
  • Modular, Integrated & Contained
  • Only Company in the World with Turn-Key White Glove Design, Build, and Installation of 5v5 Soccer Parks

The USP Promise:

An on-time installation, a full turnkey buying, and installation process. If our product or service does not exceed your expectations, we will uninstall your field and issue you a full refund, with a smile.

99 99% of time soccer field is used at recess for soccer
78 78% of time soccer field is used for soccer for after school programs
  • Builds skills amongst players by creating more opportunities to touch & score
  • Attract friends, family & the neighborhood for hours of fun & activity
  • Foster a highly safe environment for kids & adults of all ages to participate
  • Promote health & well-being with an extraordinary fitness alternative

As administrators, you juggle a lot when it comes to making decisions for your school. Identifying programs that will best serve your students is not an easy task—not only are budgets a constant concern, you want to invest in projects that will get the highest level of utilization, spawn new revenue opportunities, and be something the whole community can get behind.

At Urban Soccer Park, we understand these challenges all too well because we work hand-in-hand with local schools on these very issues. We have helped leaders across the nation navigate the production process, like land use regulations and approvals, and identify potential partnerships and funding sources where possible. This is our passion, so you can rest assured you will have a willing, well-informed partner by your side. We got your back.

So what makes USP fields so great? A lot of things. We take tremendous pride in both the quality and versatility of our product. Unlike full-sized fields or gigantic soccer warehouses, USP features a modular design that can be customized for almost any space—indoors, outdoors, in gyms, on lots—we can build pretty much anywhere. Our fields require no foundation or pouring, so set up can be done in a matter of weeks (not years), and we use professional-grade, durable material manufactured in the U.S. Every part of our product is constructed to meet the highest safety standards for schools and public use, and while USP fields are built to last, remarkably they are also mobile if and when the time comes for a location move.

Our signature small-sided format isn’t just for practical purposes, either. Studies have shown 5v5 soccer has incredible benefits for participants of all skill level and ages, engaging them at a greater physical and mental level than full-field play. In nearly every aspect, the small-sided game offers more bang for your buck: Players run at a higher intensity, get more touches on the ball, score more goals, make quicker decisions, and vitally, find more joy in playing the sport. All of which allows kids to get the most out of their play time.  

Whether it’s in recess or at practice, the USP experience universally helps participants build social skills and develop a healthy sense of confidence (this applies to adults as well!). Working in small groups where communication and teamwork is rewarded teaches important values like collaboration and hard work. The sport also gives individuals permission to take risks and express themselves creatively. It is no exaggeration to say this game transcends barriers and provides young people from all walks of life a means to connect.

On a competitive level, the USP format is in line with the development methodology of top international clubs. Experts agree that young athletes need access to local, informal games (i.e. pickup) as often as possible. In much of the world, this takes place on small, makeshift fields. Elite academies then implement versions of this in their formal training but on sleek, quality pitches. With USP as your school soccer field, you give students access to professional-caliber playing space that is sure to be parent approved. Who knows, you may just find America’s next soccer star in your classroom!

A USP park is also the perfect rentable asset. Adult and recreational leagues, competitive youth clubs, and corporate teams are always on the hunt for fields. Additionally, the USP structure is completely brand-able, and can be printed with permanent or temporary ads, logos, and even artwork. With a slate of optional add-ons like energy-efficient LED lights for nighttime play, conference rooms, lockers, and spectator lounges, USP parks are an attractive space for diverse programming throughout the year. With the right strategy, schools can see a return on their investment within the first year.

Through our decades of travel and research, we have witnessed firsthand the power of this sport to impact youth and enliven entire communities. That’s why we are thrilled to work with change makers like you to bring USP to your neighborhood. Imagine transforming concrete jungles into beautiful green fields. Imagine a central hub where family and friends, children and teachers, coaches and players can gather, learn, and play. When it comes to our kids, time is our most valuable asset—so let’s not waste another minute. Join us today and build a bright future for your students. Contact us today to get started

Whether you have kids or are just a kid at heart, USP is a one-of-a-kind home addition that will engage and delight the whole family. Our unique backyard soccer fields are lovingly crafted to promote healthy living, athletic development, and most importantly bring family and friends together.

An Urban Soccer Park is a mini soccer field, contained within four walls, and designed with players and parents in mind. The magic is in the 5v5 format, which excels when it comes to its physical and mental health benefits. In this small-sided game, players get more touches on the ball, score more goals, and run at a higher intensity than full-field soccer. The result is people never feel bored or like it’s “exercise.” In fact, players report a much higher level of enjoyment on here than 11v11 fields, and regular participation has shown to improve self-confidence, decrease anxiety, and boost fitness by 25% to 50% after just a few months. Best of all, these benefits apply to everyone, regardless of age or skill level. 

As parents ourselves, we want to instill an environment where our children, family, and friends can develop healthy habits. Access to recreational facilities that promote daily exercise (and that people actually use) can have far-reaching and significant impact on our lives. For these reasons, USP fields have been installed in company buildings and community centers across the nation. People want healthy, happy communities, and our fields promote essential social skills like communication and teamwork. USP fields also serve as an important outlet for creative expression, where youth can experiment and adults can relieve the stresses of the day. 

For the competitive player, the USP format is in line with high-level training methods of top international clubs, and is a must for true technical and tactical development. Experts agree that young athletes need access to local, informal games (i.e. pickup) as often as possible, both to form a passion for the game and to hone their skills. In past generations, this has been at the park or on the street. But times are different, and field space is now frequently hard to find, and the streets often too unsafe. USP delivers the spirit of that joyful, impromptu experience to the convenience of your backyard. Who knows, you may have America’s next big superstar kicking around in your own yard! 

USP backyard soccer fields are also easy to install and adhere to the highest safety standards for kids and adults. If you have thought about putting in a basketball court or a pool, consider a few of USP’s incredible features: we can customize to nearly any size dimension, require no foundation or pouring, and can install a field within a matter of weeks. Our product is both durable and made to last, but also mobile in the case you want to move it in the future. We have done the exhaustive, comprehensive work to offer a professional-grade field at an affordable price point that is custom-made to your desires. 

As soccer fanatics, we are passionate about bringing the benefits of 5v5 soccer to as many families and neighborhoods as possible. With a USP field, you have a unique, interactive centerpiece for every social gathering, and will be the talk of the town with this wildly fun, backyard feature. Give your loved ones a whole new experience they will cherish and enjoy for years to come. Contact us today to get started.

*E.R. Taylor Elementary – America Scores – “Field of Dreams,” program – San Francisco
  • Promotes a highly interactive, safe environment to compete & have fun
  • Get maximum leverage & utilization out of small real estate
  • Garner high levels of community support & outstanding PR
  • Create potentially new revenue streams through business partnerships & leagues
  • Foster better health & well-being, & sustained value creation for the community

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked out on the school yard, and felt like I was letting down the students and the community. The facilities are just substandard and have been dominated by structures that get such little use. Urban Soccer Park meets the growing demands for soccer amongst our student body: it’s safe, it’s contained, and an experience that the entire community can rally behind. It just checks all the boxes for us.”

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