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Coming in with just over 4 billion fans worldwide, soccer has proven to be one of the most beloved sports on our planet. However, in the U.S., the love of soccer doesn’t run quite as strong. Why? Because traditional soccer fields take up a lot of real estate - developers don’t always have the flexibility to choose a soccer field over something that nets income like residential homes or commercial property would. 
That’s where Urban Soccer Park comes in. While a full-scale field isn’t always an achievable—or desirable—addition to a community, what if we condensed it and added a little extra magic to make it pop? After all, half-court basketball and air hockey are classic hits, so why not soccer? That’s where inspiration for the mini-pitch design was born. Our fully scalable mini soccer pitches provide a level of access to a long-cherished sport that we haven’t seen here in the U.S. while also providing intrinsic value to individuals, communities, and developers.
As you decide on amenities for your development project, consider something that checks all the boxes when it comes to resident satisfaction, product quality, and frequency of use. Urban Soccer Park is a stunning, professional-grade sports field that attracts a wide demographic, yet requires little overhead and maintenance.

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Our multifaceted product captures the excitement of the world’s most popular sport and is designed by soccer experts to provide a world-class sports experience in the convenience of your local neighborhood.

  • Meets open space requirements with an exciting unique solution
  • Generate additional foot traffic to local businesses and/or community spaces
  • Create new revenue opportunities with easily forecastable yields
  • Increase property values sale prices
  • Create new opportunities for public relations, fundraising local business partnerships
  • Get maximum utilization of limited real estate

Activate Your Development Space Today 

Our freestanding capability makes our fields movable if needed, giving you the opportunity to activate your development today, attracting awareness and exciting foot traffic to your project.

 What an Urban Soccer Park Can Bring to Your Project

25 Increase Property Values by as Much as 25%
10 10X The Utilization of Alternative Sporting Venues

At USP, we believe that less is more when it comes to soccer. Our flexible mini-pitch designs promote faster, more engaging gameplay with much more ball contact, more goals, more interaction, and more excitement than traditional soccer games.


Benefits of an Urban Soccer Park Project

  • We offer several standard size options, but we can also fully customize a field down to the inch with client usage in mind
  • Our pitches are fully movable even after installation—which means they can be temporarily stowed for events or easily relocated
  • The professional-grade design attracts a wide demographic yet requires little overhead and maintenance
  • Does not require pouring or foundation, which makes converting old space easy
  • Created with turf or futsal flooring based on preference
  • Can be built on dirt, grass, concrete, rooftops—you name it
  • Can be built indoors or outdoors

Project Add-ons:

  • Roof netting
  • LED lighting (city compliant)
  • 10' integrated bleacher with bar top
  • 10' integrated player bench
  • Music, scoring, and tech package
  • Board printing (3M car wrap)
  • Modified shipping containers (refreshments, DJ booth, shade—the options are endless)

Spaces Ideal for an Urban Soccer Park

When developing real estate, space is both a blessing and a curse. Some spaces are just odd and finding valuable use for them is difficult. Some spaces are old and in dire need of a revamp. And other unused spaces just need a central focus or function to tie together the property. Our mini-pitches solve all of these issues by breathing life into unused space.


Transforming Empty Retail Space

Urban Soccer Parks are ideal for retail spaces, particularly empty storefronts, courtyards, or underutilized parking lots. Our parks are known to enliven these areas and drive much-needed foot traffic. It’s similar to an ice rink during the holidays, but even better because USP compels year-round engagement from a wide audience. Our fields are low maintenance and require little space, yet support a high number of individuals and boast huge benefits for both the casual and competitive athlete. And when partnered with clubs, leagues, and event organizers, they are a magnet for businesses, sponsors, and most importantly the community.

More Engagement, Less Headache Than a Community Pool

We don’t need someone to tell us that apartment pools are fantastic in the summer—but what do we do with them the other 274 days? Pools have an unfortunate knack for becoming an immediate eyesore as soon as September hits, which means that for 75% of the year, you now have a high maintenance tub of water detracting from your community aesthetic (and consuming resources). However, our mini-pitches are accessible year-round and are incredibly low-maintenance.

Other Common locations for an Urban Soccer Park: 

  • Parking lots
  • Concrete wastelands
  • Small, oddly misshapen lots of land
  • Fields and empty grounds
  • Shared apartment and condo greenways
  • Building midways
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Basketball courts
  • Tennis courts & soccer parks

What Urban Soccer Park Brings to Your Community

One of the main goals of USP is to provide value to your development through a unique combination of sport, community, and court. Our designs allow people to play and experience small-sided soccer in a new and captivating way, raising community engagement—and enjoyment—to new levels. 

Here are a few additional examples of how our mini-pitches can increase community value:

  1. Turn ugly spots into a beautiful, evergreen field—never doubt the powers of aesthetics when it comes to creating value in your community.
  2. Our fields often act as a central hang-out hub where family, friends, and neighbors gather to form deep, long-lasting bonds and memories.
  3. Our fields have walls! Which eliminates the need to chase stray balls and the chances of a rogue ball hitting cars, people, dog walkers, etc. It also means that players won’t be risking traffic either.
  4. The player demographic is HUGE. Two-year-olds to spry 80-year-olds can easily play in the mini-pitch design, and all colors and genders easily find enjoyment in the game. 
  5. Game intensity in our mini-pitches is entirely scalable—which means that playing is only as labor-intensive as you want it to be. This vastly increases the game accessibility and enjoyment for players of all skill levels.
  6. Turn your limited space into a multisport area by adding certified Spalding basketball hoops to your package to appeal to a broader audience. The hoops are installed above the built-in soccer goals making the mini-pitch twice the bang for your buck

The USP Difference:

An on-time installation, a full turnkey buying, and installation process. If our product or service does not exceed your expectations, we will uninstall your field and issue you a full refund, with a smile.

As a mission-driven company that’s passionate about spreading small-sided soccer throughout the U.S., your success is our success. Wherever the place, USP offers a high-efficiency option that outperforms other sports venues when it comes to user satisfaction, sustainability, and ease of installation. We want to provide you the tools and knowledge to make your dream field a reality. Contact us today to get started.

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