Welcome to the Urban Soccer movement, by Urban Soccer Park.

THE SPORT: Leading the Urban Soccer Movement

More engaging than full-field soccer:

7 7x more touches
16 16x more goals
93 Ball is in play 93% of game

Five-a-side soccer, is the most popular form of soccer in the world.  In Brazil and England there are 8x more five-a-side leagues than 11 v 11 leagues. It is the most intense, participatory, skill-building and outrageously fun form of soccer in existence today. Created to give players more touches and faster-paced action, it’s growth across Europe and now the U.S. is a testament to the enjoyment of the sport by players of all ages and skill levels.

THE COMMUNITY: A Gathering Place for Players, Friends & Family

Fun to watch
Fans are close to the action

The Urban Soccer Park experience is designed for community participation and development, both on the field and off. The unique design of the side-by-side fields promotes player camaraderie between players and fans. The amazing fast-paced action and shorter-format games draws passionate crowds of which MLS would be envious. Moreover, the environment that is inherent to the design of the Park promotes the creation of newfound friendships and a positive competitive spirit that can’t be found elsewhere.

The Court: Engineered for Durability, SAFETY and Turnkey Setup

1 Set up as quickly as one day
12 Pays for itself in first 12 months

Our carefully engineered park is made from the highest quality, most durable materials available in the game today. The boards, the turf, the nets, the lights, the scoreboard, the lockers. Everything has been designed with great detail and craftsmanship to meet your needs, your space and your goals.