At Urban Soccer Park less is more. How do we know less is more? Why are we so confident in mini soccer pitches? Because, mini-pitches grow the sport, create life-long enjoyment of the game, and develop world-class skills. Because everyone at USP is a coach, an athlete, or a parent. We live and breathe this game. Throughout our decades of experience, we’ve traveled the world and witnessed the undeniable proof that small-sided soccer is that secret sauce—it creates brilliant players and great footballing nations. And the beauty is that they actually require less real estate, less overhead, and less set-up time, yet provide more touches on the ball, more playing time and a deeper understanding of game concepts. That’s why we’re driven to bring USP to communities across the nation. Mini pitches give a level of access to the beautiful game that we have never seen here in the U.S.


Visit one of our parks and you’ll see how a single pitch can enliven an entire community. With USP’s thoughtful and customizable design, our parks provide a stellar experience for spectators and a wildly fun game for players. Whether the pitch is for your school, company, or soccer club, USP maximizes your most precious assets—time, space, and people. With more touches and goals per player, 4x more action, and a higher speed of play, USP games are action-packed fun for adults and work wonders for youth development.

Our modular design also allows us to turn nearly any space into a stylish, bespoke soccer pitch, making the most of your unused real estate. Imagine transforming your backyard or company rooftop or retail parking lot into a bustling hub for athletes and families. It’s possible thanks to USP’s cost-efficient model that gives clients the biggest bang for their buck, and players the best game experience for their time.

As the go-to source for the mini soccer pitch in the U.S., we pride ourselves in our extensive research to make sure every detail serves our clientele. We manufacture all our materials right here in the U.S. and work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure their investment pays off. We want to see every Urban Soccer Park thrive, which is why we’re always on the ground floor, working with everyone from high-level soccer clubs to local city councils to enthusiastic parents. Our passion is to bring world-class soccer to all communities in the U.S. Join the next evolution of sports entertainment and contact us today to get started.