Our Soccer Complex Knowledge Equals Your Success

Do you have a background in high-level soccer? Maybe you’re a coach, you played in college, or you still play - and possibly all of the above. 

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been following the game for years, both at home and abroad. You’ve experienced all the potential a 5-a-side game has to offer the serious player - high touch and high speed makes for a competitive game that’s just as exciting for spectators as it is for players. Yet compared to Europe and Latin America, the US has been somewhat slow to adopt 5-a-side games. 

Luckily for all of us, small side play is finally picking up speed stateside, too. With World Cup 2026 on the horizon, now is the time to capitalize on the rapidly growing enthusiasm for soccer in the US. 

If you’re considering opening a soccer facility in a city near you, 5-a-side is the ideal venue for getting into the business of soccer. With a smaller footprint than a full-size pitch, you can nurture a thriving community of soccer players and enthusiasts while putting in less lead-up time - and fewer upfront costs. 

With Urban Soccer Park’s expertise by your side, building a world-class facility is now more attainable than it’s ever been.

Build a business centered around the love of the game. You choose how. Here’s how we help. 


The USP Promise

An on-time installation, a full turnkey buying, and installation process. If our product or service does not exceed your expectations, we will uninstall your field and issue you a full refund, with a smile.


15 >15% return on invested capital
12 Pays for Itself Within 12 Months

We’ve Been at The Game a While…

The team at USP has spent combined decades combing the globe to research and learn firsthand how to manufacture professional-grade materials that meet the highest standards. Our experience has paid off exponentially: since our USP’s inception, we’ve built, opened, owned and operated our own soccer facility. 

Even more rewardingly, our clients have experienced the kind of success others dream of: we’re talking facilities that have paid for themselves in under 12 months, with a greater than 15% return on invested capital.

We’re proudly American-based and American-owned - and we can build anywhere that you see the potential. A 5-a-side soccer facility makes it possible for you to enter into any city with a creative and space-saving plan, eliciting enough community support that it practically writes its own PR. 

Our small side pitches are entirely original: freestanding, modular, and mobile, we’ve perfected a manufacturing and building system that requires no pouring, penetration, or foundation. 

Have a unique piece of real estate in mind? We’ve got you covered. Our mini-pitch soccer facilities have been installed everywhere from empty parking lots to warehouses, abandoned retail spaces to rooftops and gyms. Because our specialty is small side fields, you draw from the benefits of utilizing and leveraging small real estate investments. In a matter of weeks, we’ll land on your specs, offer a full turnkey buying experience, and deliver an on-time and on-budget design, build, and installation. 

Our unmatched modular capabilities mean that you can customize your facility to match your business needs. USP customizable fields can come complete with environmental turf or pro Futsal flooring, integrated seating, and optional add-ons like energy-efficient LED lights, benches, spectator seating, sponsorship potential and office space. You envision it - we help evaluate, then bring it to life.

Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Field Opportunities 

USP fields also allow for more players per square foot than the traditional model, thereby increasing revenue twofold. For example, in the space it takes to house one arena soccer field, you can install two USP mini-pitches, accommodating 20 players versus their 12, and offering 6,000 annual primetime hours versus their 3,000. That’s a central tenet of Urban Soccer Park: give customers more playing time in a better environment using less real estate.

An Urban Soccer Park facility is ideal for year-round programming, making it highly attractive to sponsors and partners. Our walls are fully brand-able for logo and ad placement, and because our fields are versatile, they cater to a wide range of age groups and skill levels. 

USP fields are perfect for competitive 5v5 tournaments, brand activations, adult co-ed and rec leagues, and club and academy training. All this equates to organic growth, a regular and easily forecastable revenue stream - and the pride in knowing your passion for soccer sustains itself. 

Before, During, and After the Game - We’re by Your Side

It’s time to start planning your dream soccer facility - and to put that plan into action. When you work with the USP team, you benefit from our high-touch, white-glove service from planning phase one to opening day - and beyond. Our support extends far beyond customizing your build from turf to lighting, wall to net. We can advise on working with your city municipality to help find ideal land opportunities.

We have the experience to support you from site preparation to permit work, ensuring all requirements are met with the kind of attention to detail that America’s only white glove, turnkey 5-v-5 soccer park installer can provide. 

We’re also passionate about programming best practices. That’s why, with our design fee, we’ll also provide you with:

  • Preferred partners list
  • Sample programming ideas
  • Sponsorship/advertising ideas
  • Proformas
  • Financial statements
  • ROI example
  • Business plan templates

Ready to learn more about starting your soccer business? Let’s turn your dream field into a reality. Contact us today to find out how.  

How much does it cost?

Our fields can range widely in cost depending on the dimensions and different accessories included with them. We have seen that on average a field can be roughly $115k - $180k.

Do you finance?

Urban Soccer Park has financing partners we work with to take over the process. We would put you in touch with them after receiving an estimate from us.

Do you help find land? How do you find the right location?

Our team does not find your land/warehouse as we don’t know your demographics and specific areas you want to put your facility. We will help with providing feedback on locations you find. We aren’t experts in every city in the country so we leave that up to you.

Can you build a soccer field in a warehouse or under a roof?

We can build our fields anywhere! Whether it is indoor or outdoor, our system will last as we can customize the dimensions to fit in any space.

How long does it take to install, design, and produce?

Each process takes its time and we want to make it on your timeline. We have seen projects take as little as three months but as long as three years. We are here to help every step of the way.

What does USP handle and what do I handle?

We are vendors for the fields/courts themselves and will help with everything related to the field itself. USP → Design, Ship, and Install the fields themselves. CUSTOMER → Find location, fund it, program it, and everything else.

Do you help with the business plan?

We will not build your business plan as this will be your business and we want this to be yours. We can provide some feedback and give you best practices so you are making the right decisions for your business.

What does maintenance look like?

We have designed the fields to require little maintenance. Urban Soccer Park does a wellness visit following the installation where we come out. After the installation and wellness visit, we will walk through what may or may not be done. Typical maintenance will entail cleaning and blowing off leaves/trash. Otherwise, there might be some bi-annual checks on the field.

What does the support plan look like?

“Apple care”. We do a wellness visit no sooner than three months following installation of the field. We leave some tools and do a walk around with you to make sure you are up to date. We are in the USA and are here to help no matter what the question is. Give us a call, shoot us a text, or send an email and we will help you ASAP.

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