Culture is everything in a workplace, and we believe the same traits that define a healthy workforce—connection, collaboration, creativity—can be fostered on the soccer pitch. That's why we're obsessed about spreading the benefits of small-sided soccer. The key is in the format of the Urban Soccer Park field: 5v5 is high energy, interconnected play. The result is an extremely fun, dynamic group activity that builds stronger unity and trust among employees. Nothing sparks team chemistry and individual creativity like the Urban Soccer Park experience. 

We know employee retention is challenging, with turnover costs up to 300% of employee's base salary. Urban Soccer Park offers a unique and inclusive space that taps into a global phenomenon—one that is proven to engage the employee population and elevate their overall health and well-being. Unlike the outdated, cumbersome model of indoor soccer arenas our professional-grade product can be installed and moved anywhere. Urban Soccer Park fields require no foundation and little maintenance, ideal for companies with limited real estate. Like the beautiful game we love, we provide a nimble versatile, and highly involved service. We hope you will join us in sharing this experience with your employees. Contact us today to get started.

20 20% average increase in employee engagement
12 12X the utilization of similarly-sized tennis court installation
  • Improve engagement & productivity with an exciting activity on-campus
  • Promote health & well-being through fun competition
  • Develop new opportunities for team-building & organizational harmony
  • Market the excitement around Urban Soccer Park to draw new candidates to your company
  • Get maximum utilization of limited real estate
  • Create new opportunities for public relations, fundraising & local business partnerships
Bowlium Lanes - Montclair, CA
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