The talent war is fiercely competitive. Employee retention is increasingly challenging. High-performing companies are constantly seeking new ways to engage their employee population, maintain a positive work culture, support employee health and well-being, and build stronger unity and trust within their work teams. The challenge has always been investing in activities that are widely adopted, highly sustainable and promise a strong return on investment. 

Urban Soccer Park is an exciting and inclusive experience that is proven to promote team-building, health and well-being, happiness, increased productivity and heightened employee retention rates. With small-sided soccer as its centerpiece and many opportunities for employee supporters to be involved in the action, USP is a potent solution for corporations with limited real estate and high-efficiency requirements. We know you have a choice when determining how best to service your employee population – consider a solution whose foundation is built on the same pillars of individual and team development. Contact us to get started.

20 20% average increase in employee engagement
12 12X the utilization of similarly-sized tennis court installation
  • Improve engagement & productivity with an exciting activity on-campus
  • Promote health & well-being through fun competition
  • Develop new opportunities for team-building & organizational harmony
  • Market the excitement around USP to draw new candidates to your company
  • Get maximum utilization of limited real estate
  • Create new opportunities for public relations, fundraising & local business partnerships

“Corporations nationwide are looking for ways to attract and retain their best talent, invigorate employees while they’re at work and promote better health and wellness. We’ve built plenty of facilities, like tennis courts, basketball courts and volleyball courts that look great but get literally no usage. Urban Soccer Park is a game changer in that it requires very little space, but gets an insane level of engagement from individuals across the board. It just meets the requirements most large corporations have, and then takes it to a whole new level.”