Which soccer pitch fits?


Our Urban Soccer Park pitches are built to withstand the outside or bring them indoors to set yourself apart from other facilities. Choose between multiple layouts or sizes. Customize the plan so that you can fit in any space allotted.

  • Built to last decades but can be moved in a few days if needed Standard sizes
    • 40' x 60' (Limited space like schools or backyards)
    • 50' x 80' (Basketball replacement) *Most Popular Size
    • 60' x 100' (Tennis Court replacement)
    • Can customize field sizes down to the inch
  • Walls, goals, containment nets, & doors
  • Bleachers and Benches
  • Lights available
  • Pro futsal flooring or recyclable turf option 
  • Modified Shipping Containers

Who's next?


Challenge your friends to one-on-one, go to a park and practice, or bring to an event for some fun times!

  • Standard size of 16.4' 
  • Low walls or high walls option
  • With or without handrails
  • With or without netting
  • Brand the walls 
  • Take it anywhere!


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Add On To The Field With These Extra Features

Not only do the fields come loaded with a ton of features, you can add even more on! Be able to put whatever you want with your facility so in this one stop shop instead of going to many vendors.

  • LED Lighting (592 Watts)
  • Roof Netting
  • 10' Bleacher with Bar top integrated into the system
  • 10' Player Bench integrated into the system
  • Music, Scoring and Technology Package
  • Printing of Boards - 3M Car Wrap
  • Spaulding NBA Basketball Hoop over Goals
  • Modified Shipping Containers