Why Every YMCA Should Build a Soccer Park

Urban Soccer Park

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to activities to add to your YMCA—from swimming pools to basketball and handball courts. The sheer number of choices can quickly become overwhelming if you’re looking to build a new gym or simply need a new addition to your already sprawling venue. However, there’s one sport that comes out on top if you’re looking to add the most value to members for the least amount of cost.

Here’s why you should consider making soccer a priority for your YMCA.

Why You Should Build a Soccer Park

YMCAs and social programs all over are searching for the best activities and equipment to foster a sense of community in their venues. And finding the right activities means the difference between having a packed-out club or a struggling YMCA with few memberships. People need sports that will develop teamwork, build confidence, and improve health. And to that effect, there’s a reason why soccer is considered to be the most popular sport in the world.

Much Lower Maintenance

Soccer parks are much lower maintenance when it comes to yearly upkeep, making soccer an exciting sport for community members and a lower-cost alternative to other sports. While swimming pools have been a popular option, the high-cost investment needed to pour the foundation, keep the water treated, and other yearly expenses mean that you’ll need to convert a lot more memberships to help cover the costs of a swimming pool than you would with a soccer park.

Much More Accessible

Soccer is a versatile sport that can be played just about anywhere with a single piece of equipment, making it highly popular in both large and small communities around the world. The game can be adapted to fit your environment, whether you have enough space for a full-sized soccer pitch or need a scaled-down version of 3-on-3. Either way, the sport is just as exciting to play.

Much More Inclusive

Soccer is one of the only sports that anyone can play without feeling disadvantaged by their physical stature. Because of this, a greater bond can be formed between teammates. Sports like basketball favor taller players, making the game potentially less fun for shorter players. Soccer, on the other hand, “levels the playing field” for any athletic player’s height. You can be an athlete of any height and be just as successful, making soccer much less intimidating for people to join.

Speaking of soccer being less intimidating, kicking an object is a more natural motion for people than dribbling. Anyone can kick a ball. In fact, it’s one of the first voluntary movements that toddlers learn! This makes soccer a sport that’s easy to get started and fun to master.

Much More Diverse

The statistics about soccer communities are truly impressive for a single sport. According to World Population Review, there are 3.5 billion soccer fans worldwide, and it’s played across 200 countries around the world. That means nearly half of the entire world’s population loves soccer. That’s an audience that shouldn’t be ignored if you want to bring many potential new members to your YMCA.

And since the world at large plays soccer more than any other sport, it’s a sport that’s filled with diversity. For decades, soccer has been a powerful driving force in breaking down cultural and language barriers in communities. People have a need and desire to be social, and it’s this community-driven aspect that keeps people coming back to the YMCA.

How to Build a Soccer Park

Building a soccer park is easier than you might think, especially if you build a USP field. USP fields are affordable for any community environment and don’t require any foundation pouring. They can be sized to even the densest urban areas, significantly cutting costs and streamlining construction time.

If you manage a social program, any empty indoor or outdoor space has the potential to be turned into a soccer park. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Locate a space
  • Consider your budget
  • Choose your soccer field materials/equipment

It’s really that simple to start building a soccer field for your social program. And if you utilize a USP field, you can find custom field sizes—from small backyard models all the way up to full-fledged fields fit for soccer clubs.


Soccer is a highly versatile and cost-effective alternative to sports like swimming and basketball. That’s because there’s no foundation pouring to worry about, and fields can be easily adapted to any environment making it easy to get started. And when you look at the world stage, the popularity of soccer among kids and adults is unmatched, making it the perfect sport to add value to your YMCA.

Are you looking for your next great sport? Reach out to our experts to find out how we can bring a USP field to your YMCA.

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