The USP Difference:

  • A Freestanding and Movable World-Class Facility 
  • Modular, Integrated & Contained
  • Only Company in the World with Turn-Key White Glove Design, Build, and Installation of 5v5 Soccer Parks

The USP Promise:

An on-time installation, a full turnkey buying, and installation process. If our product or service does not exceed your expectations, we will uninstall your field and issue you a full refund, with a smile.

5 5X more touches than 11v11
16 16X more goals than 11v11
12 Pays for itself within first 12 months
  • Builds skills amongst players by creating more opportunities to touch score
  • Provides maximum utilization of limited real estate
  • Completely turnkey investment – includes soccer turf, boards, goals, lights, music more
  • Awesome league camaraderie community development, unseen in full-field soccer

As coaches and organizers, we share a love for game strategy, player development, and institutional growth. We also share the exasperating experience of battling for practice space. This widespread (sometimes endless) struggle is a taxing part of manager life. It consumes our time and energy, and impacts the caliber of training sessions. Access to safe, functional fields should be a given, yet it continues to be an enormous challenge in the face of limited real estate and high rental costs.

That’s why USP is proud to provide a cost-efficient five-a-side soccer solution that expertly fits the needs of your club and community. Together, Urban Soccer Park and organizations across the nation are leading the five-a-side soccer movement in the United States. We are actively working with league organizers to identify development opportunities that meet your specific needs. Thanks to USP’s modular design, we can customize fields to nearly any space, and best of all this requires no foundation or pouring—a speedy, affordable setup with less red tape.  

Kids of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds deserve access to quality fields; and to cultivate world-class talent, developing athletes need to be playing frequently, both in and outside of practice. USP offers this access to a professional-grade facility that rivals those of elite clubs worldwide. The benefits of training on a five-a-side soccer field cannot be overstated. It’s widely acknowledged this method dramatically increases players’ technical and tactical ability and encourages improvisation and creativity. In this fast-paced format, players are rewarded for teamwork, keeping possession (defense), and ball control, and most importantly, it’s fun! In an Urban Soccer Park, athletes stay focused, motivated, and inspired.

Though versatile, and even mobile, USP has all the elements to create a lasting home base for your club. The contained structure allows for total concentration on training, with fewer distractions and less time chasing stray balls. The field also accommodates more players per square foot than a traditional full-field pitch.

With completely brand-able walls, and sleek customizable options—including LED lights, spectator areas, snack bars, and offices—clubs can also tap into new sources of revenue and explore year-round, diverse programming. Having your own Urban Soccer Park means you don’t have to put up with time slots and expensive rental fees, and parents and kids will love the consistency and camaraderie of the USP experience. With our expertise in navigating municipalities and land negotiations we can help you take control of your club’s future today. Step up and stand out with an Urban Soccer Park.Contact us to get started.


At Urban Soccer Park, we want every field to be a long-term success. And that all starts with making sure our clients understand every step of the process. We work closely with you from the start, so you can make informed decisions, and feel great about your choice at the end of the day.

Every Urban Soccer Park is customizable, but we’d like to share an example of a standard one-field layout to give you an overview of the features and process. A typical one-field Urban Soccer Park requires 4,840 square feet, which includes a 50’x80’ field and an aisle for benches and bleachers. Every USP field is entirely contained by walls and netting (including the “roof”) so there’s never any danger of stray balls flying out.

The fields feature a modular system, which is made of pro-tubular goals, metal tubular goal netting, and 45-inch silver panel boards. One of our most unique attributes is that we do not require any foundation, pouring, or penetrations of the ground, which allows us to build on a vast array of surfaces. We’ve converted parking lots, rooftops, old tennis courts, dirt plots, and many more spaces. This design allows us to quickly install and even move the field, giving you the option for relocation in the future. At the same time, USP fields are self-standing, heavily weighted, and built to last.

Finding real estate is one of the most important steps of the process, and we are happy to use our expertise to help you identify a space for your field. One of the best options for many of our clients is collaborating with local school districts. Schools often have valuable land that is essentially unused during nights and weekends. Nights and weekends are typically prime usage hours for most field owners, so it’s a win-win for both parties. The school gets a world-class sports facility, and you are able to provide your market with easy access and shortened driving times.

We also recommend working with city municipalities, which can help you identify key land opportunities in your town. In many cases, municipalities are required to activate dormant spaces quickly after a demolition, which makes USP’s speedy installation and mobile field an appealing and practical solution. Parks and Recreation departments also love our product and implement our ⅓ ⅓ ⅓ model (⅓ time used for free public usage, ⅓ time used for social good programming, ⅓ time used for revenue generation for maintenance) which allows for diverse, year-round programming and long-term sustainability.

Urban Soccer Parks are ideal for retail spaces, particularly empty storefronts, courtyards, or underutilized parking lots. Our parks are known to enliven these areas and drive much-needed foot traffic. It’s similar to an ice rink during the holidays, but even better because USP compels year-round engagement from a wide audience. Our fields are low maintenance and require little space, yet support a high number of individuals and boast huge benefits for both the casual and competitive athlete. And when partnered with clubs, leagues, and event organizers, they are a magnet for businesses, sponsors, and most importantly the community.

USP participants run the gamut of age ranges and skill levels, so we’ve prioritized safety and quality for both youth and adults. Our fields have been tested and meet the highest standards for kids (IPEMA Safety Certification F1487 - 17 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public use). We’ve also intentionally made our fields customizable with a slate of add-ons to meet your specific needs. For example, you can add LED lights to allow for nighttime play. You decide between Environmental Turf or Pro Futsal flooring. You can also increase the spectator area, add lounges and conference rooms, lockers, a snack bar, and more. We work with you to evaluate your needs based on clientele, location, and resources.

As a mission-driven company that’s passionate about spreading small-sided soccer throughout the U.S., your success is our success. Wherever the place, USP offers a high-efficiency option that outperforms other sports venues when it comes to user satisfaction, sustainability, and ease of installation. We want to provide you the tools and knowledge to make your dream field a reality.Contact us today to get started.

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