Full-field soccer has its challenges for soccer club managers and league organizers like you. We’ve heard from many about the pain of finding high-quality soccer fields with lights that are ready for games. We also know how frustrating and expensive it can be to find land to develop new facilities, especially given the amount of real estate required to pull that off. With limited time, limited space and limited budget, league organizers around the U.S. are struggling to find answers.

Urban Soccer Park is leading the five-a-side soccer movement in the United States. With thousands of installations complete across the globe, we’re now working with soccer league organizers to identify development opportunities that meet your specific needs. Urban Soccer Park requires less real estate, is quick (and turnkey) to set up, is less expensive than alternative solutions, and represents enormous revenue potential. Contact us to get started.

5 5X more touches than 11v11
16 16X more goals than 11v11
12 Pays for itself within first 12 months
  • Builds skills amongst players by creating more opportunities to touch & score
  • Provides maximum utilization of limited real estate
  • Completely turnkey investment – includes soccer turf, boards, goals, lights, music & more
  • Innovative round robin style tournaments with 20-minute games drives higher participation levels
  • Awesome league camaraderie & community development, unseen in full-field soccer

“It’s always been amazing to me how low the supply of high-quality soccer pitches there are in the Bay Area. For such an active town and such growth in the game of soccer, it’s actually just crazy. These guys have nailed it with Urban Soccer Park. The size, the intensity, the involvement of the players and the sheer excitement of street soccer is just so positive, it has literally helped the club step up its game to a whole new competitive level. ”

rendering of two soccer fields at a soccer club
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