Backyard Soccer Fields

If you’re like millions of Americans today, chances are you both own a home with a sizable backyard and have one or more children who are passionate about the game of soccer. We’re right there with you if you agree with your kids - soccer is challenging, rewarding, and fun.

But where’s the fun in arranging carpools, fighting traffic, and juggling multiple schedules just to get a little practice in? Sure, you want to provide the best opportunity available for your kids. But it's tougher to motivate a competitive soccer player when their only pickup options are muddy public fields with no nets, or worse yet, your home’s exterior siding. Your job is to encourage your little athletes to be the very best they can be, no matter what. It takes dedicated training, skill-building, and constant play to get there. But it shouldn’t be complicated. 

That’s why we believe soccer parks should be easily accessible for everyone who lives for love of the game.

A Turnkey Mini Pitch

Imagine an entirely self-contained mini soccer field, complete with four walls, eco turf or futsal flooring, nets, and all - expertly installed right outside your back window. 

No more constant commutes taking time out of your busy day. No more white knuckles watching your kids chase kicked balls across the street, either. You can set your children up for success by offering them instant access to off-time and in-between season training - and it's as easy as cleating up and running out the back door.  When you have an Urban Soccer Park in your own backyard, your entire family can enjoy the stress-relieving benefits exercise provides, too, while your future superstars get the much-needed tactical training that they deserve. 

Our turnkey backyard soccer fields are available nationwide with fast financing - and you can have yours installed within a matter of weeks. Unlike the process of installing a swimming pool, an Urban Soccer Park requires no digging, no laying down of foundation, or pouring of concrete. Instead, you’ll enjoy the seamless installation of a freestanding soccer amenity by our experienced team of technicians - who also happen to be total soccer fanatics. We’ll quickly align on your specifications and leave you to your day - while our team takes care of the entire installation process from start to finish. 

An Urban Soccer Park is a modular design that’s fully customizable based on the dimensions of your backyard and the unique requirements of your family. This professional-grade small-sided soccer field is rugged and built to stand up to the toughest play - while also being fully mobile should your family ever need to relocate. 

And speaking of customizable? We’ll help you optimize your backyard space by outfitting your Urban Soccer Park with adjustable soccer, tennis, volleyball nets, bleachers, LED lighting, roof netting - the options are practically limitless!

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Bringing the White Glove Experience to Your Home and Neighborhood

No matter what features you choose to add, our goal is to work with you to ensure that your backyard Urban Soccer Park is all that it can be. We’ll help you land on the ideal specifications and take it from there. Here’s the potential: not just a soccer training amenity for your dedicated athletes. Not just an exercise outlet for your active family. An Urban Soccer Park adds value to your property and to your lives by bringing people together in a safe, world-class environment centered around the love of the game - while keeping it close to home.

Here are just a few of the features your family will come to appreciate in a backyard soccer field: 

  • Four walls and netting not only provide a more engaging experience, but also prevents stray soccer balls and all the property damage, traffic, and injury risks that they present.
  • With a compact footprint, small-sided soccer offers higher-touch soccer play and more opportunity for your children to skill build - while taking up much less space than a traditional 11v11 field.
  • We can customize to nearly any dimension requirements, giving you more bang for your buck than a swimming pool or tennis court installation. We’ve built on a wide variety of surfaces, from tennis courts to dirt, rooftops to parking lots, so we have the experience it takes to make your mini soccer field a natural addition to your backyard.
  • An Urban Soccer Park is a central hub to ensure your kids and their teammates can play independently, while home is only a step or two away.
  • Customizable features allow you to maximize your investment with a multifunctional court - basketball, anyone?
  • LED lighting ensures that practice occurs whenever it's convenient for your family, providing an enclosed, well-lit space for kids to gather in the evening- while your neighbors can rest easy knowing their children are safe. Watch out - your backyard soccer field may quickly become the neighborhood BBQ HQ!
  • Save time and money with extremely low-maintenance, year-round, sustainable turf or futsal flooring. No more mowing, seeding, watering, thatching, fertilizing, no more muddy shoes and clothing.
  • The entire build is self-standing, heavyweight, and durable, eliminating flimsy on-the-fly backyard setups - while the flooring provides safe, even cushioning for your all-stars to fall and get right back up again.
  • We take care of every aspect of the installation process so that you don’t have to. No contracting out to inexperienced builders: we are specialists in building athletic facilities.
  • Our backyard soccer fields are tested and meet the highest standards for children’s use according to IPEMA Safety Certification F1487 - 17 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public use.

We're on Your Team

Urban Soccer Park employees are fanatics when it comes to soccer, and it is our mission to bring the game to as many backyards as possible. For decades, basketball courts have enjoyed dedicated space in American yards of all sizes and demographics. Yet soccer is the most played sport by kids under age 14 in the United States today. 

It's time to bring the love of the game to your backyard: take back your day and set your athletes up for success.  We’d be thrilled to help you make world-class soccer training safer and more accessible for your family, friends, and neighbors. 

Our promise to you? 

A seamless, custom Urban Soccer Park installation that is on time, within budget, and a major value-add that will bring years of enjoyment and technical development to your budding soccer stars.

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Lights: Will the lights upset neighbors in our community?

Our LED high-efficiency, dark-sky compliant lights have a specialized hood that directs the light only towards the playing area, creating zero spillage or interruption to surrounding neighbors. 

Noise: Will this field create noise violations in our community?

Our fields create a very similar experience to kids playing basketball in the driveway or swimming in a pool. As with any home amenity we anticipate homeowners to be respectful of hours of usage to minimize disruption. 

Parking: Will this affect street parking in our community?

Folks playing on our field will park on our property and will not negatively affect street parking.

Height of Field: Will the height of the field obstruct any views?

Our field panels are 50" high. Our see-through containment netting is 16' high and our LED Lights are 18' high. None of which will obstruct any views.

Construction: How long does it take to build the field?

Site preparation takes approximately 1-2 weeks and the installation of the field takes approximately 1 week. *This does not include design time. 

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