Why soccer with walls?

Space Efficiency: Walled courts coupled with small-sided game format is ideal for real estate constrained urban settings. Our pitches allow more players per square foot than a regulation field.

Player Engagement: Our walled mini-pitches provide a continuous play environment with more ball touches which naturally activates and engages players at all times, encouraging player development.

Community Activation: Urban Soccer Parks bring kids and families together. High impact walls are durable and can be laser printed with sponsor logos and messaging which can be monetized to offset project costs.

Why five-a-side Soccer?

The skills developed in 5-a-Side Soccer are what makes the rest of the soccer world great. While we in the US seem to think bigger is better, that is simply not true for player development.  Messi, Neymar, Pele, Ronaldinho, Maradona and many more would all tell you they got their magic in small-sided games played right in their home neighborhoods.

“Over the years, we (the U.S.) have relied on athleticism and fitness. But times are changing, and we can’t rely on that any more. In small-sided games, you can’t take plays off.”– Carli Lloyd, U.S. Olympic & National Team Soccer Player

Where can these fields be installed?

Dream it up and we can probably make it happen.

Backyards, underused tennis and basketball courts, empty parking lots, unleased retail space, grass fields, dirt lots and our all-time favorite - rooftops!

Soccer in every neighborhood. We love solving problems and we have designed our product so that we can make this a reality for you.


What surfaces can you install on?

Any hard flat surface: asphalt, concrete, indoors or outdoors. Old tennis courts, basketball courts and parking lots are perfect. Dirt or grass, with some site work, is a great option as well.

What is included in the installation?

What is NOT included: water, power and ground preparation (if needed).

No site/ground preparation is needed if we install over asphalt, concrete or any hard surface that drains and has 10+ years of useful life left.

Our installation team shows up and within days, you are playing in your new Urban Soccer Park. We even leave you with custom Urban Soccer Park balls, so you can play immediately.

How long will it take you to build it?

One Field: A single court takes 3-to-5 days to build. Or sometimes with lots of help, one day. See the video of our Danville, CA install.

Full Urban Soccer Park: 2-to-4 fields with lights, warm-up areas, and modified shipping containers take about 2 weeks.

Our standardized field sizes have been optimized for ideal use in backyards, league play, and youth training, and we can have your field(s) up-and-running in as little as 90 days! We also provide options to customize your field down to the foot to maximize the use of your space.

What kind of synthetic grass/futsal flooring do you offer?

Turf: We specially engineered a proprietary, recyclable turf with a clean sand organic infill designed from the ground up specifically for five-a-side soccer and the constant wear that it puts on the surface. Underneath is an interlocking channeled shock pad that ensures soft landings and drastically aids drainage. Patents are pending.

Futsal Flooring: We offer a high-quality futsal flooring option that dramatically increases the enjoyment of playing this version of the small-sided game when compared to the traditional options on basketball flooring or other hard multi-use flooring options.

Note from Ownership: My kids play at my soccer parks, so rest assured I take no chances: No black crumb rubber infill, no heavy metals, no fumes in the end our product is recyclable and has organic infill

What is your pricing?

Backyard Size: Our standard 30' x 50' backyard field model starts as low as $40,000! Our most common backyard setup comes in around $80,000 and includes:

  • 30' x 50' playing surface (1,500 sq. ft.)
  • Recyclable turf with organic infill
  • Sideline entry wall
  • Full sideline & endline containment netting and full containment wall panels
  • Two (2) street soccer goals

Five-a-Side Size: Our standard 50' x 90' five-a-side field model starts as low as $75,000! This is the perfect option for 5-a-side league play, youth play and training for younger ages, or repurposing an unused basketball or tennis court. Our most common 5-a-side field setup comes in around $150,000 and includes:

  • 50' x 90' playing surface (4,500 sq. ft.)
  • Recyclable turf with organic infill
  • Two (2) Oxford-style doors
  • Full sideline & endline containment netting and full containment wall panels
  • Two (2) 5-a-side goals

Pro Futsal Size: Our standard 70' x 110' field model starts as low as $90,000! This is the perfect option for soccer club training & development, 6v6 or 7v7 league play or, with our Pro Futsal flooring, traditional futsal play with a court size that meets U.S. international futsal standards. Our most common pro futsal field setup comes in around $200,000 and includes:

  • 70' x 110' playing surface (7,700 sq. ft.)
  • Recyclable turf with organic infill or Pro Futsal flooring
  • Two (2) Oxford-style doors
  • Full sideline & endline containment netting and full containment wall panels
  • Two (2) Pro Futsal goals on endlines
  • Four (4) street soccer goals on sidelines for two-field play 

Full Urban Soccer Park: Our standard two-field Urban Soccer Park model with two (2) 50' x 90' fields:

  • 110' x 120' total footprint (15,000 sq. ft.)
  • Two (2) 50'x 90' fields (9,000 sq. ft. playing surface) with above inclusions plus:
    • LED Light Package
    • 20' center aisle for warm-up
    • Modified shipping containers for lockers, check-in, restroom, league office, player bench spectator lounge
  • Installed and ready to play cost: approximately $500,000 +/- depending on options chosen
Where can I tour or play at a park?

Our warehouse is located in Boise, where you can find the latest products to touch, feel, and play on.

6663 S Eisenman Rd #130, Boise, Idaho, 83716

Come visit us and we will show you around!

We have installed fields in 16 states with more on the way, so reach out and we can point you towards the nearest Urban Soccer Park in your area!

When can I expect return on investment?

Our model has shown return on investment in as little as 12 months!

How do I get started?

You can get started with talking to a project consultant by filling out an interest form.

What is the process to owning an Urban Soccer Park?


How do I find land?

There are many places to look when trying to find land, and potential community partners who are open to land-use agreements. Check out our article here to find the best option near you or connect with one of our field consultants to explore opportunities in your area!