If you’re looking for something to energize your retail space, Urban Soccer Park offers a world-class sports experience that engages the whole community without breaking the bank. Our high-visibility, in demand product checks all the boxes when it comes to community building, income opportunity, and product quality. As soccer experts, we have designed what we consider the dream field: A pro-quality, safe, and affordable venue that is so much fun, it’s one of the fastest growing trends in the U.S. 

The magic of USP is in our multifaceted, small-sided format. Our fully contained, walled and netted field allows for high-energy play without the danger of stray balls flying out of bounds. Our parks are also designed to be inclusive and give spectators a 360, front-row view of the action. All our fields are customized to size and with client usage in mind. Unlike other recreational facilities, our fields require no pouring or foundation, so we can swiftly convert a piece of that parking lot into a beautiful, green field. In fact, our parks can be built indoors or outdoors, with turf or futsal flooring, on dirt, grass, rooftops—they’re even mobile should you decide on a location move in the future. 

The game itself is a fast-paced, dynamic version of its full-field counterpart. But unlike 11v11 soccer, USP’s 5v5 model delivers more touches, more passes, and more goals per player. In short, participants get to play more and have more fun. Studies also show this format excels when it comes to improving technical ability and overall health and wellness. And best of all, these benefits apply to the whole spectrum of participants, regardless of age or skill level. 

Because USP can be utilized for a wide range of programming—from charity tournaments, to club practices, to league games—our fields are ideal for generating consistent foot traffic, even during off-peak retail hours. At a time when field space is difficult to come by, USP meets a high demand for practice and game space, and can be employed in partnership with local clubs and leagues, corporations, and community organizations. 

We also offer a myriad of optional add-ons to meet a variety of diverse needs, like energy efficient (and city compliant) lights that allow for nighttime play; spectator lounges and conference rooms for that VIP feel; and lockers, scoreboards, and snack bars, just to name a few! USP’s fully brandable walls also give you the opportunity to rotate prime sponsorship and ad placement. 

When it comes to facilities that people actually use and get excited about, USP is hands-down the leader. Our mini soccer fields require less space, yet they’re more enjoyable for participants and accommodate more players per square foot, giving everyone more bang for their buck. We take great pride in our fields, and have done the exhaustive research to achieve that sweet spot between affordability, appeal, and quality. Ask our clients, and they’ll tell you that USP is a true hub for friends and family to gather and enjoy a unique, interactive experience. We’re confident that USP will add tremendous value to your property, and be a gathering place the whole neighborhood will love. Contact us today and get started.

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