Christian Pulisic Creates Soccer Training Opportunities in Manheim, PA

Urban Soccer Park

We were honored to work with Christian Pulisic and his foundation to bring together two new Urban Soccer Park Fields in Manheim, PA. Christian hopes that through these fields the children of the community will have more time and space to develop on their own, unsupervised. Throughout his time in Europe, he noticed that many other countries utilized underused space with contained soccer pitches. They are using the 50x80 fields for their members, the local community, and camps, providing a safe place for practicing and playing soccer. They include netting, lights, benches, and street soccer goals on the end lines.

Location: Manheim, PA

Christian had 3 goals in mind when reaching out to Urban Soccer Park:

Goal 1 - To provide a safe place environment for kids to play
Goal 2 - To create an environment where anyone can learn to play no matter their skill level
Goal 3 - To be able to use the fields for skill development with free play

As Mark and Christian were looking at creating an inclusive environment where everyone can play, they found Urban Soccer Park. The goal was to create fields that allow players to “play in small tight spaces”- Mark Pulisic.

Christian wanted to create fields that he would've wanted as a player at PA Classics. The overall goal was to create training areas where kids would be safe while learning the technical side of the game.

Launch date: June 11, 2021

“When in England you see these kinds of courts all over with kids just playing around, I think that is why these other countries have so many good talents coming out.”

- Christian Pulisic


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