San Jose Earthquakes Brings 5-a-side Soccer to Fan Zone

Urban Soccer Park
Outside view of Paypal Park

San Jose Earthquakes is 1 field outside of the stadium at Paypal Park. They are utilizing this space to create a fun environment for kids before, during and after games. They also plan to program the field and have it open during non- game days to bring people to the stadium and provide something to the local community. 

Location: San Jose, California

They had 2 goals in mind for this project: 

Goal 1 - Create a community around an alternative five-a-side soccer experience for people who want to connect, improve and have fun.

Goal 2 - bring an exciting offering to their fan zone 

Given the unique space, we found the perfect size field to fit into the environment they wanted to create. This space is just outside the stadium, next to the fan zone, and next to the team store. This is the perfect place for the branding exposure, and the kids to play a little soccer before an earthquakes game.

Timeline from First Conversation with Urban Soccer Park to Time of Field Installation: January-March 2022

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