New England Sports Park Brings Year-Round Soccer Access

Urban Soccer Park

New England Sports Park (NESP) is a new public benefit corporation designed to manage their parks for community recreation. Their first facility has (2) turf fields and a floor hockey court. The fields come in at 60x100 and 50x100, where they host adult and youth soccer leagues, pick up soccer, and rental space. It is located at the CCBA Witherell Recreation Center. It is going to be the home of Lightning Soccer Club and their academy. The fields were installed over previously existing tennis and basketball courts. The courts include turf, futsal goals, netting, sideline goals, and a modified shipping container.

Location: Lebanon, New Hampshire

NESP had 3 Goals in Mind When Working with Urban Soccer Park: 

1. To provide easy access to soccer for community recreation
2. To provide space year-round to play
3. They want to bring high-quality, well managed, recreation spaces to the New England community

The New England area does not have a ton of year-round access to facilities due to the weather. Turf was a major selling point because it would allow for play throughout the year since grass gets flooded for over half the year. Having fields that last in the weather and can be used for adults and youth was the key objective. The ability to play with one large field or split it up for youth will provide more access to the community.

Timeline of this project from the first conversation to the completed project: April 2, 2021 - October 8, 2021

You can read more about New England Sports Park here.  

Additional NESP Project Photos: 

NESP photo 1NESP photo 3NESP photo 2

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