Crown Point YMCA Brings 5-a-Side Soccer to Community

Urban Soccer Park
crown point ymca field

The Dean & Barbara White Southlake YMCA added (2) fields for their programs. They are going to use the 60x100 fields for their members, the local clubs, camps, and to provide a safe place for practicing and playing soccer. The YMCA received this land from the local Park and Rec department to add to their facilities. They included netting, lights, sideline goals, benches, bleachers, trash cans, and their logo in the center circle. 

Location: Crown Point, Indiana

The YMCA had 3 Goals in Mind When Working with Urban Soccer Park:

  1. To provide a safe place environment for kids to play
  2. To create an environment where anyone can learn to play no matter the skill level 
  3. To be able to use the fields for all ages
  • The YMCA really wanted to maximize the usage of their facilities and saw the Urban Soccer Park fields as a way to provide access to soccer without needing to build a full-size soccer field. All of the accessories that were included are used to make the players and spectators feel at home. The 60x100 fields allow usage for 5v5 length-wise but provides enough space in order to split each field in half and play 3v3. That way no matter how many people showed up, there would always be something you can do.

Timeline of this project from the first conversation to the completed project: May 12, 2021 - October 26, 2021

"We need to be relevant and remarkable to be able to continue to have people find this as a place where they can be healthy and active and grow and learn and build self-confidence."

- Jay Buckmaster, chief executive officer of Crossroads YMCA (read the full interview by Inside Indiana Business)

Additional Indiana YMCA Project Photos

Crownpoint YMCA image 2Crownpoint YMCA photo 3

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