Let's Play! Boise Indoor Revamps Soccer Fields to Maximize Usage and Increase Play

Urban Soccer Park
Boise Indoor Soccer Field after installation

Boise Indoor Soccer went through a conversion from one indoor soccer field to three 5-a-side fields in October/November 2021. The three new fields feature 65’ x 90’ dimensions with futsal goals, surrounding netting, roof netting, lights, bar tops, and benches.

These fields are being used daily to run leagues, pick up, and rentals for local soccer club practice. The fields have allowed Boise Indoor to maximize their space while also helping them bring in a bigger capacity of players. 

Location: Boise, ID

The owners had 2 goals in mind when working with Urban Soccer Park:

  • Goal 1 -To maximize the usage of their space
  • Goal 2 -To increase the capacity of players

The field that was in Boise Indoor had been beaten up and played on for decades. It was outdated. To stay in the business, the key was to keep their following happy and to attract new people with relevant updates and plenty of space. It was time for new fields that would help them maximize usage while continuing to bring in new players. By converting to 5-A-Side fields, they were able to do both while also providing an exciting new style of soccer play. 

Timeline from the first conversation with Urban Soccer Park to project completion: July 19, 2021 - November 11, 2021

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