Backyard Soccer Field Brings More Playing Opportunities in Danville, CA

Urban Soccer Park

This 40x80 field was designed to maximize the usage of their side yard. The overall turfed space is 50x100 so there was room for warming up, skills, and much more while the field was being used. The field includes futsal goals, netting, lights, and turf. The most unique thing we included was volleyball lines and a net to make it a multipurpose field. 

Location: Danville, CA

  • This client had 3 goals in mind when working with Urban Soccer Park to build their dream field: 
  • Goal 1 - Provide easy access to their kids to play soccer and train
  • Goal 2 - To run their own pick up games for their friends, family, and club teams
  • Goal 3 - Bring everyone together at their house to play soccer or volleyball

The customer wanted to use the side of their house as a training ground for the kids but also as a gathering place for the family. The field gets used weekly by the kids, by the local soccer club, and by the local NISA club players. The field has provided so many opportunities for their community to play and get better with every touch. When other people aren’t using it the family will put up the volleyball net and take the field to the next level. In the end, we were able to provide them with everything they needed to make it the house to be at.

  • Time from First Conversation with Urban Soccer Park to Date of Completion: May 13th, 2020 - July 4th, 2020

"Huge thanks to you, Josh, and the rest of the USP Team for getting all of this put together and done quickly. The quality of the field and the friendliness of your Team are going to make USP a big thing for the future of backyard soccer. We have already had 2 good pickup game days with a bunch of people that came to play. Everyone was all smiles, and looks like we are going to have a pretty strong showing each week going forward." - Field Owner


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