Idaho Rush & Vineyard Church Team Up in Boise, ID!

Urban Soccer Park
Idaho Rush field

We were honored to work with Vineyard Church and Idaho Rush youth soccer club in facilitating a mutually-beneficial project featuring two new Urban Soccer Park Fields in our hometown of Boise, Idaho.

This innovative partnership repurposed underutilized space on church grounds with a new amenity aimed at providing children of the community more time and space to develop. This also helps with the goal of bringing more people to the church campus through sport.

Idaho Rush was the perfect partner to help program the fields, utilizing them to enhance their training programs and develop technical and tactical ability of their players in tight spaces.

They use the 50x90 fields for their members, the local community, and camps to provide a safe place for practicing and playing soccer.

These state-of-the-art fields include containment netting, LED lights for year-round play, futsal goals, player benches, and spectator seating for families to watch their children enjoy participation in the beautiful game of soccer.

Location: Boise, ID

The owners each had 3 goals in mind when working with Urban Soccer Park:

Vineyard Church:
Goal 1 - Activate underutilized land on the church lot
Goal 2 - Be a good community partner by providing a fun space for children to play
Goal 3 - Bring more children and families to the church campus through sport

Idaho Rush:
Goal 1 - Add small-sided soccer as a training and skill development tool
Goal 2 - Enhance their programming options with both small-sided and full-field play
Goal 3 - Create more enjoyment around the game and training for young players

As Idaho Rush was looking to create an inclusive environment where everyone can play, they found Urban Soccer Park.

Idaho Rush wanted to create a facility that motivates kids to play and learn the game through the free play, increased touches, and fun provided by small-sided soccer.

“Countries that have won the World Cup all started playing small-sided games,” said Lee Riley, CEO of Idaho Rush. “I think it’s important for kids to start off playing small-sided games and facilities like this really help us do that.”

Partnering with Vineyard Church provided the club with the land they needed to build the Urban Soccer Park fields for their players - while also delivering new community engagement benefits to the church.

Launch date: January 2021

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