Deciding on features for your development project can be tricky: What will your tenants and residents actually utilize, and see as valuable? What will add value to the overall property? What’s the income opportunity? How will it look, and will it be consistent with the overall vision? How much maintenance and capital does it require? You get the picture.. We know it’s difficult to find unique and interesting elements to fill your open space requirements that work for all stakeholders.

Urban Soccer Park is an extraordinary option for developers looking to check all of these boxes. Our soccer park is a sporting experience for your tenants, their families and friends, and spectators who are drawn to the excitement of the game. Urban Soccer Park requires very little space (as little as a rooftop on larger buildings), yet supports a high number of individuals and presents a high-efficiency option to other sporting and entertainment venues. And, when partnered with leagues and event organizers, it’s a magnet for local businesses, positive community interaction and public relations, and a revenue stream that is proven to present high yields. Contact us today to get started.

25 Increase property values by as much as 25%
10 10X the utilization of alternative sporting venues
  • Meets open space requirements with an exciting & unique solution
  • Create new revenue opportunities with easily forecastable yields
  • Increase property values & sale prices
  • Create new opportunities for public relations, fundraising & local business partnerships
  • Get maximum utilization of limited real estate

It’s amazing to me how little space Urban Soccer Park facilities require, and as a result the opportunities it creates to get more leverage out of a minimal amount of open space. From rooftops on our buildings to small lots, we are now including these parks in various plans where we know the demographics will support it, and there is value creation for not only us, but the communities at large. This is a really big deal for us.

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