Entrepreneur: You’re looking for the right products to buy and bank on for your business. You are looking for fields that are “turn key.” They must have a proven track record of durability, longevity and low maintenance. Your fields will also need to be easily set up; but, be infinitely customizable to fit your unique space. You will not find another walled soccer field that has all these attributes anywhere else but Urban Soccer Park! Our products will give you a low cost, high-value field solution so that your business can be profitable. Success is not guaranteed and picking the wrong product for your indoor soccer fields could be your first and last mistake. Some say, “Pay now or pay later;” this is true, but in the case of Urban Soccer Park, our products are not more expensive, they are just better.

Know What You Want: You’re already passionate about the indoor soccer business and know what you want, and now you just need to find the right indoor soccer field partner that is as passionate as you are. One that loves soccer fields as much as you love the soccer business. Contact us, and you will hear the passion in our voices. Urban Soccer Park will make your dreams a reality because we care about soccer in the United States as much as you do. In fact, we ourselves as serving the cause to make the U.S. an even better soccer playing nation!

Have A Dream: You’re a soccer player, coach, parent, or a professional who wants to open an indoor soccer business but are not sure how to run the business of the business, look no further than Urban Soccer Park. We build fields, but we also own and run soccer facilities – The Urban Soccer Park – in the San Francisco Bay Area. We work with many indoor soccer entrepreneurs and have a proven indoor & outdoor soccer business solution that draws in soccer players of all ages and ability levels, giving them an experience they pay a premium for and return over and over again, plus we are willing to share our business model for your success. Our business model requires very little space and can get up and running within weeks; this is a quick and relatively painless business to start with extraordinary recurring revenue potential. Moreover, it’s sure to get full community support and interaction, as we’ve seen in towns and cities around the globe. Contact us with your questions, we're here to help.

15 >15% return on invested capital
12 Pays for itself within 12 months
  • Set up & start within weeks, with little to no experience required
  • Get maximum leverage & utilization out of small real estate
  • Create a healthy recurring revenue stream that is easily forecastable
  • Garner high levels of community support, free PR & organic growth

“I love soccer and the way it brings communities together in such a positive way. It’s my passion. I’m so happy I’ve found a business I can run that is not only consistent with my passion for the game, but it’s one that is truly an outstanding revenue machine. Most business struggle with getting repeat customers and organic growth. Urban Soccer Park is the exact opposite - it requires very little marketing, and has just spread faster than I could have hoped.”

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