If you’re a player, coach, or professional who wants to start an indoor soccer business but are not sure where to begin, look no further than Urban Soccer Park. Not only do we build fields, we own and operate soccer facilities. With our comprehensive knowledge of the business, we have enabled entrepreneurs to create their own thriving indoor and outdoor soccer companies and fulfill their unique visions.

Many potential owners may be discouraged by the existing indoor soccer model, and for good reason. Traditional arena soccer is a dying behemoth, with high operating costs and poor attendance. Urban Soccer Park offers a nimble, affordable alternative that delivers a professional-grade product and captures the booming energy of short-sided football. Our modular design accommodates nearly any size and surface—we have built fields in empty lots, on rooftops, inside converted buildings—enabling entrepreneurs to transform underutilized land into thriving sports centers. Because our patented fields do not require any pouring, construction can be completed in as quick as a few weeks. And unlike the giant warehouses of arena soccer, our parks pack in more punch per square foot, allowing for more players and more fields on less real estate.

The secret sauce of USP is that our indoor soccer fields are low maintenance and even mobile, yet are built with highly durable material to ensure for longevity and a top-notch player experience. We customize service for every client, and offer an array of optional add-ons, including spectator areas, snack bars, and offices; and with completely brand-able walls, business owners can make use of prime marketing and sponsorship opportunities and tap into year-round revenue sources. We are confident you’ll see a strong return on your investment within the first year alone, and are passionate about ensuring that happens. Why? Because we’re not just a company, we’re a group of lifelong soccer lovers committed to growing the sport nationwide. Whatever your soccer goals are, USP can help you build the field of your dreams today. Contact us with your questions, we're here to help.

15 >15% return on invested capital
12 Pays for itself within 12 months
  • Set up & start within weeks, with little to no experience required
  • Get maximum leverage & utilization out of small real estate
  • Create a healthy recurring revenue stream that is easily forecastable
  • Garner high levels of community support, free PR & organic growth
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