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While many communities are already familiar with and take advantage of outdoor soccer fields, many may still be unfamiliar with the benefits of indoor soccer and what it would mean in terms of adding value to the lives of local residents and visitors alike.

Whether you play soccer now, enjoyed it in the past, or are just a fan, you already know how it can bring people together; teammates, families, communities, friends, and rivals. But not all community members may have the space or financial resources to build a soccer field, and individual families and players may also find it difficult to come up with the funds needed to purchase the equipment and source the support required to participate.

This is Why Bringing Soccer to Your Community is So Important

People around the world have been enjoying indoor soccer for decades, and here are a few reasons why.

  • 1. The game teaches kids valuable life lessons that can help them navigate through life

When you are on a soccer field, you don’t have time to wait for your coach to give you directions; you need to trust your gut, make decisions, and rely on the skills that you’ve been taught, just as in life.

  • 2. The game also teaches players important social skills

Soccer teaches kids not only about themselves and their own abilities, but it also teaches them about how to work with others, recognize each other’s strengths, and work together as a team.

  • 3. Everyone learns the importance of responsibility and good sportsmanship

Everyone has their role to play on the soccer field, and if someone doesn’t do their part, the whole team suffers. Kids also learn the value of good sportsmanship and how to gracefully persevere whether you win or lose.

  • 4. Soccer is inclusive of all age ranges

Children benefit from soccer in ways that they may not from other sports because they don’t have to wait as long to begin! They can start enjoying the benefits at a much younger age and applying them to their life.

  • 5. Soccer helps keep our kids and community fit

In many communities, opportunities to safely exercise and recreate in a fun environment are sorely lacking. Soccer provides children with the ability to get (or stay) physically active and fit for life.

  • 6. Involvement in soccer reduces some of the negative outcomes associated with living in marginalized or underserved communities

The days of “pay to play” are becoming increasingly unsustainable and undesirable; kids of all backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses deserve the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of soccer, and the positive impact that it has on their community.

The list of benefits could go on and on, so how can you help bring some of these benefits to YOUR community?

How You Can Make Soccer a Reality for Your Community

If you are reading this, you appreciate the benefits that access to the game of soccer could bring to your city, town, or neighborhood. You are interested in improving the social, physical, and economic health and safety of your community because you know impactful that would be.

If the space and financial resources that are needed to build an outdoor soccer field aren’t feasible, indoor soccer is a perfect solution and is more attainable than you think! Urban Soccer Park has been working with communities all across the country to make their dreams a reality by bringing durable, turn-key solutions to their very own neighborhoods.

If you are a community leader, entrepreneur, or organization interested in how you can bring indoor soccer to your neighborhood, we are experienced with finding solutions that will fit your community to get you playing fast.

Learn more about our solutions HERE

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