How to Improve Your Futsal Skills

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When you are serious about improving your abilities as a player and team member, you know that it’s going to take practice; in order for those practice sessions to pay off, you will have to have a plan and stick to it!

Improving your Futsal skills requires determination, discipline, and consistency. The rewards when it comes to gameplay are well worth all your efforts, but here are some practical steps that you can start implementing to improve your skills, today!

Top Ways to Improve your Futsal Skills

These are in no particular order, but each and every one of them will help you improve your skills if practiced properly!

Practice Using Your Sole

That’s right! When you start using the sole of your foot to control the ball, you have a lot more options and you will begin to develop the kind of techniques that Futsal pros use daily!

Practice controlling the ball with the sole of your foot by using a wall or passing it to a friend!

Embrace Your Role

If you’ve ever played a game where the players, from the goalie to the left-wing, didn’t know what their role was and what they were supposed to be doing and when, you know how frustrating this can be! Take the time to understand what your role is, what others’ roles are, and learn how you can excel!

Start Thinking Ahead

As a player, do you know what your next move is going to be, or do you feel like you are just reacting in the moment? Start practicing the art of planning, thinking, and playing ahead! When you are looking for gaps, planning your next pass, and start thinking of the game in its entirety, your gameplay improves by leaps and bounds!

Keep it Moving

If you have the ball too long, you are keeping it from moving as it should. Professionals rarely keep the ball more than 3 touches, so this tip plays along nicely with the tip we mentioned above. If you know that you shouldn’t keep the ball for long, you’ve got to be thinking ahead and ready for your next move.

Move the Right Way

One way that you can help improve your gameplay and skills is to understand how to move, not just when to move. To be more competitive, you want to stay out of your opponent’s field of vision. You also want to leave yourself plenty of room to make the right moves and keep them guessing! The pros can provide you with some great examples of how to move.

Practice Substitutions

In Futsal, substitutions can happen on the fly, so you don’t want to lose time when transitioning in and out of play. A good idea is to practice your substitutions when you’re not under any pressure and there aren’t any consequences, so that when the game is on, you already know how to get in and out on your way quickly!

Learn Your Strengths

As a Futsal player, you may already know very well what you’re good at and what you bring to the team. There’s a lot of value in playing to your strengths, but the only way to improve is to identify your weaknesses and endeavor to become a more well-rounded player. Plus, there is something really satisfying about the progress you can make when you put your mind and time into it!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but they are things that you can start working on today, and see results fast! What other tips would you add to this list?

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