Whether you have kids or are just a kid at heart, USP is a one-of-a-kind home addition that will engage and delight the whole family. Our unique fields are lovingly crafted to promote healthy living, athletic development, and most importantly bring family and friends together.

An Urban Soccer Park is a mini soccer field, contained within four walls, and designed with players and parents in mind. The magic is in the 5v5 format, which excels when it comes to its physical and mental health benefits. In this small-sided game, players get more touches on the ball, score more goals, and run at a higher intensity than full-field soccer. The result is people never feel bored or like it’s “exercise.” In fact, players report a much higher level of enjoyment on here than 11v11 fields, and regular participation has shown to improve self-confidence, decrease anxiety, and boost fitness by 25% to 50% after just a few months. Best of all, these benefits apply to everyone, regardless of age or skill level. 

As parents ourselves, we want to instill an environment where our children, family, and friends can develop healthy habits. Access to recreational facilities that promote daily exercise (and that people actually use) can have far-reaching and significant impact on our lives. For these reasons, USP fields have been installed in company buildings and community centers across the nation. People want healthy, happy communities, and our fields promote essential social skills like communication and teamwork. USP fields also serve as an important outlet for creative expression, where youth can experiment and adults can relieve the stresses of the day. 

For the competitive player, the USP format is in line with high-level training methods of top international clubs, and is a must for true technical and tactical development. Experts agree that young athletes need access to local, informal games (i.e. pickup) as often as possible, both to form a passion for the game and to hone their skills. In past generations, this has been at the park or on the street. But times are different, and field space is now frequently hard to find, and the streets often too unsafe. USP delivers the spirit of that joyful, impromptu experience to the convenience of your backyard. Who knows, you may have America’s next big superstar kicking around in your own yard! 

USP fields are also easy to install and adhere to the highest safety standards for kids and adults. If you have thought about putting in a basketball court or a pool, consider a few of USP’s incredible features: we can customize to nearly any size dimension, require no foundation or pouring, and can install a field within a matter of weeks. Our product is both durable and made to last, but also mobile in the case you want to move it in the future. We have done the exhaustive, comprehensive work to offer a professional-grade field at an affordable price point that is custom-made to your desires. 

As soccer fanatics, we are passionate about bringing the benefits of 5v5 soccer to as many families and neighborhoods as possible. With a USP field, you have a unique, interactive centerpiece for every social gathering, and will be the talk of the town with this wildly fun, backyard feature. Give your loved ones a whole new experience they will cherish and enjoy for years to come. Contact us today to get started.

5 5X more touches than 11v11
1000 1,000X more fun than a trampoline
  • Builds skills amongst players by creating more opportunities to touch & score
  • Attract friends, family & the neighborhood for hours of fun & activity
  • Foster a highly safe environment for kids & adults of all ages to participate
  • Promote health & well-being with an extraordinary fitness alternative

“There are only so many hours the kids want to jump on the trampoline or play kick-the-can. Honestly, soccer is their passion, and I had been looking for an opportunity to give them something to do at home, while also continuing their training to become better players. Urban Soccer Park is the ideal solution for us because it was pretty much plug-and-play, and now that it’s up, the kids are on it every day. Literally. And, I can actually see how much their ball skills and confidence on the pitch have improved in a very short amount of time. Love it.”

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