How Much Does It Cost to Build an Indoor Soccer Field?

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As you delve into the particulars of what it would entail to build your indoor soccer field or pitch, the biggest elephant to address in the room has to be money. So let’s have a look at all the costs associated with the project.

What are the Possibilities?

At Urban Soccer Park, our pitches are built to withstand the outside or bring them indoors to set yourself apart from other facilities. Choose between multiple layouts or sizes. Customize the plan so that you can fit in any space allotted. We have popular sizes and court replacements or completely customizable facilities. Custom pitches can be measured down to an inch. For example, you can add LED lights to allow for nighttime play. You can also increase the spectator area, add lounges and conference rooms, lockers, a snack bar, and more.

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Standard Option Pricing

Basketball Court Replacement Size: Our standard five-a-side field

Dimensions: 50’ x 80’ (4,000 sq. ft) Inclusions: recyclable turf with organic infill, drainage tiles, yellow five-a-side goals, London Door at half-line, end-line side-line containment netting, full containment boards. Installed and ready to play cost: $110,000 without lights or $140,000 with lights

Tennis Court Replacement Size: Our standard futsal court

Dimensions: 60’ x 100’ playing surface(6,000 sq. ft) Inclusions: Pro futsal flooring or recyclable turf with organic infill, drainage tiles, yellow futsal goals, London Door at half-line, end-line side-line containment netting, full containment boards. Installed and ready to play cost: $140,000 without lights / $170,000 with lights

Full Urban Soccer Park: Our standard two field park

Dimensions: 140' x 120' (16,800 sq. ft) Inclusions: two fully loaded fields (with above inclusions) with lights, warm-up areas, modified shipping containers for lockers, check-in, restroom, league office, player bench spectator lounge Installed and ready to play cost: $500,000 +/- depending on options chosen

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How many fields should I build?

There are many one-field facilities across the world. However, most would recommend a minimum of two major fields for cost-efficiency. Ultimately, the answer should factor in market size and available space.

What is included in the installation?

No site/ground preparation is needed if we install over asphalt, concrete, or any hard surface that drains and has 10+ years of useful life left.

Our installation team shows up, and three days later, you are playing in your new Urban Soccer Park. We even leave you with custom Urban Soccer Park balls so that you can play immediately.

What is NOT included: water, power, and ground preparation (if needed).

The Process

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 3.33.43 PM

What about Operation Costs?

Costs of operation vary by location with factors such as utilities, real estate taxes, staff costs, etc. You'll want to do some homework on this so you have the full scope of operation costs for your project. 

Return on Investment?

The Urban Soccer Park model has produced a return on investment in as little as 12 months. We also encourage builders to organize with local municipalities to help along the process and provide added value and services to your community.

Other Sources of Income?

Parks and Recreation departments love our product and implement our ⅓ ⅓ ⅓ model (⅓ time used for free public usage, ⅓ time used for good social programming, ⅓ time used for revenue generation for maintenance), which allows for diverse, year-round programming and long-term sustainability.


An on-time installation, a complete turnkey buying, and an installation process. If our product or service does not exceed your expectations, we will uninstall your field and issue you a full refund with a smile.

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