Danville, California

Backyard Build

We built this fantastic custom field in a backyard! In less than a week, we built the field with lights, roof netting, futsal goals, and sidelines so you can play without the the use of the walls. The field is in a scenic area with space for the kids to play anytime they want! 

Key Aspects:

  • Built in a backyard
  • Roof netting
  • Lights

Frisco, Texas

FC Dallas

This mini-pitch will be used by the FC Dallas Foundation at Toyota Stadium for their STEAM FC program where 6th graders from all over the school district will learn a ton of great lessons. It took a bunch of groups to come together to make this possible! 

Key Aspects:

  • Built on grass
  • End-line netting
  • Built in a day

Oxford Valley Mall - Pennsylvania

Super Soccer Stars - Oxford Valley Mall

We worked with Super Soccer Stars in September of 2019 to build a custom field to fit in a retail space in a mall. They specialize in teaching kids soccer in a fun and non-competitive way. The 20x70 foot field maximized their space for their classes and birthday parties. 

Key Aspects:

  • Built in a Mall
  • Custom dimensions with 4 goals
  • Planter boxes and powder coated

Queens, NY

Upper 90 Soccer Center

Upper 90's new indoor field came to life after they bought some space next door to them. This is their second indoor field that will be used for youth clinics, pick-up, and even leagues. The glass field was our first of its kind and will continue building for those that want it.  

Key Aspects:

  • Regulation sized futsal goals
  • All Glass Indoor Field
  • Roof netting 

Downtown Oklahoma City, OK

Together Square

A field built in Downtown OKC in partnership with Energy FC and Energy Assist Foundation for everyone to play. Friends and family will be able to enjoy their days playing on the turf field for years to come. We had a logo woven into the turf to make the project even more personalized.

"The field is great and the players love to play and make new friendships" 

- Javier (Futbol Factory Oklahoma)

Key Aspects:

  • One 52' x 72' field
  • Built in a park for everyone to use
  • Green walls and 3/4 netting

Rosenberg, TX

Britannia Soccer Park

The NEW home for soccer in Richmond, TX! Both fields are 60ft x 90ft and under a weather-proof structure. By owning their own facility, the Britannia Soccer Club, partnered with Liverpool FC of America, delivers an amazing experience for their youth club. 

 "5-A-Side soccer is how I grew up playing, now we are bringing it to the USA." 

- Derek Williams, Owner

Key Aspects:

  • Two 60 x 90 soccer fields
  • Built under a structure
  • For a Soccer Club

Mission District, SF, CA

Buena Vista Horace Mann School

This field was built in one week, just before the 2018 school year began. There is a high demand for field space in big cities. The urban community tends to lack in grass parks, and city school yards are typically filled with only asphalt. BVHM can not only use this field whenever they need, but can also rent the facility out when they are not using it. 

"Dear Josh, Jen and everyone else who made our soccer field installation possible, we are grateful every day for your your kind donation! I hope that today you felt our gratitude! We appreciate you. Thanks very much for making our school so much more fun :)"

                                                                                            - Claudia DeLarios Morán, Principal

Key Aspects:

  • One 50 x 60 soccer field
  • Built in less than a week
  • Portable

Queens, NY

Upper 90 Soccer Center

Built in October 2017, Upper 90 Soccer took unused roof space to the next level. These fields are used year-round and are the epitome of an all stop shop for soccer! Urban Soccer Park was able to put both fields together in just 2 days! 

Key Aspects:

  • Two soccer fields built on a roof
  • Roof netting
  • Advertising on walls

San Rafael, CA

San Rafael 

The San Rafael facility opened in July 2017. Its purpose is to provide a safe haven for people to play small-sided soccer in the Bay Area. The fields were built to become our model of what is possible in a community with two small-sided soccer fields. 

“The goal would be to bring small-sided soccer everywhere in the USA. The close quarters game promotes faster decision making and more touches. "

                                                                                          - Christian Martin, General Manager

Key Aspects:

  • Two retrofitted containers
  • 2 soccer fields - 55 x 80
  • Weekly leagues, daily pick up, birthday parties, rentals

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco

The San Francisco Urban Soccer Park opened in March of 2016 in a parking lot next to AT&T Park. This field was built to provide more playing space for those in need in San Francisco. Located close to downtown for weekly leagues and corporate outings. 

"The number one priority of the staff was to make a guests experience the best every time they visited. Some people met friends for life through playing at the Park."

                                                                                               - Austin Allison, General Manager

Key Aspects:

  • 2 soccer fields - 52 x 72 
  • Center Aisle for hanging out
  • Large retrofitted containers