Common themes amongst individuals who play and compete at our Park.

  • A genuine love for the game of soccer
  • A desire to play on his/her own terms, and to experiment with new moves
  • An opportunity to touch the ball more (7 times more than 11-on-11 games)
  • A chance to compete at a high level, and have a lot of fun
  • An awesome soccer set up "like Soccer Disneyland"
  • An environment to be part of a soccer community

Here are some of the players who participate and thrive in the Urban Soccer Park experience today.
Who would you add?

Mila - urban soccer park player

“My favorite part of playing at the Park is how much I actually get to kick the ball and make a difference in the game – on my own terms. It’s so much fun. Playing in my full-field games is awesome, but I can be
so much more creative playing street soccer. I can’t wait to play
every week!”

  • Plays 1x/week in youth league
  • Loves having so many opportunities to try new moves and master them
  • Scored 5 goals last week
  • Parents are amazed at how much she’s improved
  • Started striker position on her travel team, due to skills developed at USP
  • More excited about soccer than ever – the “fun” is back
Austin - urban soccer park player

“Playing games on Urban Soccer Park fields lets me hone my skills and play at a whole different level. It’s fast. It’s intense. It’s the perfect level of competition that gets me ready for big games.

Most of all, I feel I can express myself on the court in a whole different way than I can in on a full field. I can be creative and competitive and have fun all at the same time. Amazing.”

  • Plays 2x/week with his teammates
  • Works on perfecting ball skills
  • Loves the 3-on-2 matchups
  • Hates to lose, but feels sense of pride & satisfaction every time he plays
  • Has doubled his touches, assists & goals from last year on the high school team
Arturo - urban soccer park player

“My team is my family. I can count on them on the court and off. Playing street soccer makes me feel like I’m part of something great, something exciting and something I’m proud of.

A year ago, I’d be getting high on drugs. Today, I get high on the sheer excitement of lacing up and playing soccer with my soccer family.”

  • Plays weekly with group of homeless & recovering addicts
  • Works hard to build skills for personal growth & fulfillment
  • Focused on team development to get ready for the homeless world cup
Monique - urban soccer park player

“Don’t get me wrong, I love 11 v 11. But, something about these courts, and the intensity and level of play you get from 4 v 4 is just unbeatable. Under the lights, music blasting, fans so close you can touch them, more goals, all fast breaks, crazy ball maneuvering…
it’s really just the best part of soccer!”

  • Plays 2x/week in semi-pro league & in regular drop-in games
  • Feels it builds critical skills to stay competitive in full-field games
  • Makes her feel she’s back on the pitch in a collegiate championship game
  • Has recruited all of her ex-teammates to join the league
  • Loves working with USP youth programs, teaching kids basic skills
Philip - urban soccer park player

“Historically, we’ve played our office league on random vacant fields on the outskirts of the city, and at odd hours of the day. The quality was really sub-par and we had frequent forfeits because people wouldn’t show up, which is a huge bummer.

The new courts we get to play on through USP are truly amazing – better location, better times, much higher quality. And, the league is now completely packed!”

  • Plays 1x/week in corporate league
  • Appreciates being able to walk to games
  • Gets fired up to play in sold-out league
  • Has re-energized his interest in the sport