Urban Soccer Park is proud to support the global movement of sport for social change. Sport for Social Change is a method of bringing about social change through engaging communities in sport. Programs are used as a tool to help individuals in need to learn lifelong skills & connect with their community, these connections and skills provides a problem solving framework that participants can apply to every situation that life confronts them with.

Through close local partnerships, Urban Soccer Parks have been installed all across the United States. Urban Soccer Park also donates money to help fund fields in neighborhoods where there is a real need. Contact us if your neighborhood needs an Urban Soccer Park.

Urban Soccer Parks in under-served communities beautify the surroundings, have a 10-20+ year life span, can improve storm water drainage, have low maintenance costs, and most importantly provide a safe place to play. The sad reality is that children in low-income neighborhoods spend most of their recreation time on unsafe and unsightly asphalt playgrounds. Skinned knees and injuries are all too common. Our five-a-side fields provide the contained area for programming and events for the community such as anti-­obesity, anti-­violence, and entrepreneurship programs. If you want a Urban Soccer Park in your community, contact us and we can help to make that happen.

Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 – San Francisco

September 2018: Urban Soccer Park donates a field to a community in San Francisco.  "BVHM was a school in need and we felt we could help," said our founder Josh Frazier.  "We learned that the school was transitioning their gymnasium each evening into a homeless shelter for families that attend BVHM.  So what could we do?  Give them soccer, and that is what we did." 

"Dear Josh, Jen and everyone else who made our soccer field installation possible, we are grateful every day for your your kind donation! I hope that today you felt our gratitude! We appreciate you. Thanks very much for making our school so much more fun :)"

- Claudia DeLarios Morán, Principal


America Scores – Bay Area

We are thrilled to announce that Bay Area - America Scores will be using our San Rafael, California Urban Soccer Park to host their Poet Athletes. Students in the program submit a poem to Urban Soccer Park in exchange for free admission to the Friday Youth Drop-in Mini-Tournaments!

"Every boy and girl who has kicked a soccer ball, created a poem, and helped out with a community project through America SCORES has had a chance to learn lessons that reach far beyond these activities.  Lessons like how to express themselves, how to recognize their innate worth, and how to develop the faith that they can make a positive difference in this world."

- James Earl Jones

Urban Soccer Park – Donates a field a year to communities in need

We are here to help!  If your community needs an Urban Soccer Park please contact us with your story, pictures, hopes and dreams.  Nothing makes us more happy than to see kids playing on our fields.  Let us do it for your community.

2018: BVHM School - San Francisco, California

2019: TBD - Boise, Idaho

2020: Taking Applications Now