Determining the best community development and real estate investment opportunities for your residents is immensely challenging. You’re looking to check multiple boxes that don’t always work well together: fosters high levels of community interaction; garners strong levels of neighborhood support; improves property values; creates a stronger relationship between local government and its primary constituents; and is a smart investment that will show strong returns over time.

Urban Soccer Park is an ideal solution for local municipalities looking to add an element of fun, excitement, fitness and social interaction to their communities. Just like the 3,000 communities around the globe that have appreciated and enjoyed Urban Soccer Park’s installations, your residents will love how inclusive and rewarding it is for the players and their families. Create a centerpiece for your community that is purpose-built to promote social interaction and fun yet competitive sportsmanship. And, make a wise investment that will pay off in multiples, in years to come.  

3000 global communities have an urban soccer park
12 Pays for itself within first 12 months
  • Fosters incredible level of community interaction
  • Garners high levels of neighborhood support
  • Provides maximum utilization of limited real estate
  • Drives up property values in nearby neighborhoods, & builds stronger community image
  • Ideal setting for community fundraising events & soccer tournaments

“I compare opening an Urban Soccer Park in my town to opening a nightclub in the city. It’s more about the experience for the community than anything else. Yes, of course it’s about the incredible sport and the amazing things it does for the players, but it’s really about building sustained excitement and involvement by so many of our residents. It’s truly one of a kind.”

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